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Do you have a little Team ACL PTSD? Lynch and Shanahan say not to worry

The 49ers drafted a few players recovering from significant injuries - is it time to get worried?

It was all going so well. The 49ers put together a new regime that helped us forget what had happened in recent memory. They finished their first season with a five game winning streak after finding their franchise quarterback and started building a wall to protect him. Then the unthinkable happened. Three players recovering from significant injuries were drafted by the organization and memories of the past started flooding in.

During his tenure as general manager Trent Baalke was notorious for drafting what he saw as value players with significant injuries, banking on the possibility that would be just as productive after recovering. The 49ers were painfully reminded that not all players can have a comeback like Adrian Peterson.

The list of Ballke’s all ACL team is extensive:

Brandon Thomas
Keith Reaser
Trey Millard
Tank Carradine
Marcus Lattimore
Kaleb Ramsey
DeAndre Smelter
Will Redmond

When John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, and their staff chose to draft Kentatvius Street in the fourth round, there visible signs of groans on social media. Street had just torn his ACL a few weeks prior to the draft during a private workout with the Giants. Drafting one injured player could be forgivable. But when the draft continued and the 49ers select Marcell Harris, Jullian Taylor, Richie James with their extensive injury questions, there were questions if the “ghost of Baalke” was in the draft room.

In their post draft recap press conference Lynch and Shanahan addressed the elephant in the room and remark on the risks associated with drafting injured players, or players with a history of injuries. Your latest Niners Nation News Minute includes quotes from both Lynch and Shanahan and you can also watch the video here.