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Golden Nuggets: Did Cris Carter admit to having a memory problem

49ers links for Friday June 1, 2018

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Cris Carter mentioned he does not know ten starters on the 49ers in a link below. If I was Cris Carter, I wouldn’t brag about being too lame to do my job. While I would agree with him that it is a little early to be talking Super Bowl, I was more than a little surprised that he could not list ten 49ers starters. I thought NFL analysts are paid to know the names of the players? Perhaps he should be replaced for his incompetence?

Mangini also spouts off in that article by comparing Jimmy Garoppolo to Matt Flynn. Check it out for yourself. I couldn’t even begin to make that stuff up.

Cassius Marsh and Solomon Thomas seem to be getting a lot of press this week. I certainly hope they can outplay our expectation at the Leo position this year. If Thomas could even begin to live up to his potential, we would be set.

Now onto the hot links:

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