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Caption This: LeBron James & J.R. Smith

The 2018 NBA Finals tipped off on Thursday, and it was a wild evening, capped by a boneheaded play by Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith. He rebounded a missed free throw in the closing seconds with the game tied, and rather than go for a shot, call a timeout, or pass to LeBron James, he dribbled out near halfcourt as though he thought the Cavaliers had the lead.

It resulted in what will surely be an iconic photo from the game, seen above. And if the Cavaliers lose this series, particularly if it’s close, it will be all the more memorable.

Naturally, this is a perfect Caption This opportunity. It does not feature 49ers players, but it offers plenty of opportunities to remember bad 49ers moments. The Internet has been going wild with the memes, so I thought it was time for a Caption This. I went 49ers specific, but feel free to offer up non-49ers (and even non-sports) captions.