What is a real prediction for the 49ers 2018 Season? Here are weeks 1-4 predictions.

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Fooch's note: I'm in line with a similar prediction out of the gates. 2-2 would not shock me, but I think they can come out strong in a tough opening quarter of the season.

With just 2 more months until we get to see our favorite team back on the field, Id like to take a moment and try my best to take a look at the San Francisco 49ers upcoming schedule and give an impartial opinion on the record we should be looking at this season. As I am hopeful, and probably a better term #Faithful, I also try to not over set expectations.

Week 1: SF @ Minnesota Vikings

Analysis: Min has become strong on both sides of the ball and not just a defensive juggernaut, but we did take their starting RB Jerick Mckinnon. Also, gaining Kirk Cousins, in my opinion, wasn't a very big win for them. I could be wrong, only time will tell, but even so their WR are very fast and their defense is masterful at getting to the QB. We have a very tough first test and its on the road. It'll be close but I'm actually starting us off with Jimmy G's first loss in the NFL as a starter.

Prediction: Min wins 28-24

Week 2: Detroit Lions @ SF

Analysis: Detroit had quite a quiet off season, other than keeping Ezekiel Ansah and drafting a good RB that they will probably not develop just like the last 5 years. I don't feel like they have put themselves into any position to move forward and in some eyes they may even fall further down the power rankings quickly. This should be a great first home game.

Prediction: SF wins 31-13

Week 3: SF @ Kansas City Chiefs

Analysis: KC shipped off most of its talent this off season. Sending Alex Smith to Washington, Marcus Peters to the L.A. Rams. Note they still have plenty of weapons in Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt, and Tyreek Hill, changing QB's is still going to take its toll on this team. Also losing their #1 CB, that just isn't ever good for any team. Ill be at this game since its the closest to my home and we should get our first road win of the season.

Prediction: SF wins 24-17

Week 4: SF @ Los Angeles Chargers

Analysis: With the best move of the draft, to some people, LA Chargers took S Derwin James in the first round. He was a player tied to the 49ers leading up to the draft, but we all know how that pick went with us securing offensive line stability for our QB, and Derwin fell to the Chargers. He is a monster, I hate FSU so that a big compliment, and he will help that defense grow and be a whole lot better than they were last year. Still he wont be enough to help stop Jimmy G in week 3 and we keep on winning.

Prediction: SF wins 28-14

Starting us off with a 3-1 record, after ending Jimmy's winning streak, sounds pretty good to me, For a team, last year at this time, wasn't thought to be playoff contenders for years to come these first four weeks should be welcomed by the fans.

Leave your thoughts and comments below, also your own predictions if you would like. I'll do 4 week predictions every week of June until we complete the season. Until next week Stay Faithful! #BrickByBrick

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