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Watch’s top-10 plays of the 49ers’ 2017 season

A few of these videos may come out in the days coming, but this compilation is a good one.

At this point in time a lot of videos about the San Francisco 49ers’ 2017 season are going to surface to get us jacked up for the 2018 season. None of them will be perfect. I’m sure every single one will leave out one play or two that should have been involved in the compilation of greatness. Regardless, I found a good one!

Here’s’s top 10 plays of the San Francisco 49ers season. A worthy effort. I’ve embed the video below:

The only real issue I find with this top-10 is A: it’s not all Jimmy Garoppolo like advertised (a good thing since it has the good plays by C.J. Beathard) and B: they are missing the touchdown pass against the Seattle Seahawks—a play that is definitely in the top-10 due to its significance.

Regardless, this video should make us psyched that the 2018 season is less than three months away. It can’t come soon enough!