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Jeff Hafley on 49ers rookie Tarvarius Moore: “He’s not going to get run by.”

The 49ers defensive back coach had some good things to say about the current crop of cornerbacks and safeties. We have a time stamp of the interview. You can watch it here.

49ers OTAs have concluded and we have numerous reports indicating there’s a lot of reasons for optimism. One of the things to definitely keep an eye on is cornerback Tarvarius Moore’s transition to the position. Moore was drafted as a safety with intent to move to cornerback, and the 49ers wasted no time in beginning the switch.

Last week the offensive coaches were at OTAs, but two weeks ago we got the defensive coaches. Defensive back Jeff Hafley met with the media then to go over his new crop of defensive backs and one question came regarding what he’s seen thus far out of Moore’s transition:

“Very fast, very explosive. He’s not going to get run by. Sometimes he has to realize, “hey you can slow down a little bit man, he’s not going to run by you.” Even the guys in the room will kind of joke with him about that. He still has to get more experience at the position, because he still shows at times he’s a little raw, but it’s exciting. He’s very patient already which is very hard, for especially for young corners in this league. You’ll see him sit at the line and be really patient and calm, but the cool thing I respect so much about him is he’s really excited for the challenge.”

Despite his rawness, Hafley was presented with the question on if he could draw any conclusions about Moore’s thinking process.

“Very instinctual on the field. Quick to pick up on things—another thing I’m excited about. I didn’t know that about him, but he picks up on things pretty quickly and you can tell in the room he’s on it. Which is good, which will help him.”

By all accounts, Moore’s speed is going to make him a valuable asset once he gets better acclimated with the position. The fact that he’s taking the time in the classroom as well means the 49ers may have the secondary position (finally) figured out for the foreseeable future.

Below are the timestamps of the interview. You can also go watch the video here.

00:00 - Richard Sherman in the meeting room
01:11 - Adrian Colbert and his second year
02:04 - Jimmie Ward move and versitility
03:30 - Development of Ahkello Witherspoon
04:08 - What have they seen out of Tarvarius Moore
05:38 - On Moore’s initial appeal as a sleeper prospect
06:39 - Safety skills translating to corner
07:10 - Feelings towards Eric Reid and a possible Reid return
08:30 - Feelings towards Marcell Harris’ potential