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49ers collaborating with 24 Hour Fitness founder to create themed fitness center

If you’ve ever wanted to work out at a 49ers-themed fitness center, you’re in luck (if you’re a Bay Area resident). The San Francisco 49ers are teaming up with Mark Mastrov, the founder of 24 Hour Fitness, to create “49ers Fit” at the Westgate Center Outlet Mall in San Jose. This will be the second such branded facility, following the Dallas Cowboys, and soon to be followed by the Chicago Bears. The enrollment center will open on June 16th, and the gym will open this fall.

The facility will cover 36,500 square feet and feature team-branded strength and conditioning equipment, a recovery lounge, fitness classes, and other amenities. In the press release announcing the facility, the 49ers detailed some of the amenities.

Featuring space for athletes, families and workout enthusiasts of all levels, highlights of the initial 49ers Fit location include: a 40-yard turf area for sprint work, and functional and group training; expansive areas dedicated for strength training, cardio, free weights, and power training; personal training from elite fitness specialists; group classes including ride and yoga studios, as well as boutique-style fitness classes including HIIT, barre, core and boxing.

49ers Fit members will also have access to an innovative recovery lounge, featuring cryotherapy, NormaTec, hydromassages and treatments delivered by the industry’s leading experts. Additional 49ers Fit amenities include dry saunas and steam rooms, well-appointed men’s and women’s locker rooms and showers, a kid’s club, and fitness apparel-focused 49ers Team Store.

“Founding memberships” will start at $49 per month with no annual contract. They say there will be no enrollment fee when the enrollment centeropens June 16th, and founding members will, “be entered for a chance to win a VIP experience for the 49ers home opener of the 2018 season.”

The idea sounds a little cheesy in some ways, but this seems like a can’t miss idea from a revenue perspective. If I’m a 49ers fan looking for a gym and the deal seems right, I think I would be strongly inclined to go to the 49ers-themed gym. The press release included the following line that I have zero doubt will end up in a lot of advertising:

Members of 49ers Fit will have access to fitness programs personally developed by the 49ers strength and conditioning team, helping members train just like the pros do.

I’m not one to spend money on a gym, but I really don’t see how this doesn’t turn into an easy money-maker for the 49ers.