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49ers climb back into Pete Prisco’s Top 100 list

The team had no representatives in 2017.

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NFL Network will unveil their next slate of names (21-30) on the Top 100 list, and this comes as PFF unveiled their Top 50. Regardless of your thoughts on PFF’s grades, it’s most definitely a more useful list than the NFL Network list.

The offseason means plenty of time for debate, and so, we bring another subjective measurement: CBS Sports analyst Pete Prisco’s top 100 of 2018.

Prisco is an entertaining, if sometimes off-base curmudgeon. A year ago, the 49ers had no representatives in his Top 100. This year, Joe Staley shows up at No. 85 and DeForest Buckner shows up at No. 95. Here’s what Prisco had to say about each player.

Staley: At the age of 33, he is coming off another good season at left tackle for the 49ers. He’s the rock on their line.

Buckner: In his two seasons, he has become a force for the 49ers. I expect his sack numbers to rise this season.

Given Prisco’s list is entirely subjective, it is not surprising to see players jumping all over the place. This is Buckner’s debut in the list. Meanwhile, Staley was unranked last year, No. 41 in 2016, and No. 60 in 2015. He was the only 49ers player those years.

If the 49ers take a step forward this year and get up to or over .500, it’s safe to say we’ll see more players on the 2019 list. Jimmy Garoppolo and Reuben Foster are the most obvious examples. If Richard Sherman gets healthy and productive, he would likely return to the list after being absent this year.

Who are some other candidates to jump on this list in 2019?