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K’Waun Williams and Jacquiski Tartt talk proving themselves, contract extensions, and “Uncle Sherm”

Uncle Sherm. That is all. You can watch this madness here.

So the 49ers glossed Garrett Celek as “Celek Time” and the name stuck. Well that’s not the only ridiculous name running around the 49ers facility.

Richard Sherman has been unable to participate in OTAs due to his achilles injury. This in turn has him helping coach up the defensive backs and position himself as a leader of the secondary. Well, the secondary has a name for him now: “Uncle Sherm.” Considering he’s not much older than them, Uncle Sherm seems a bit extreme, but it’s rather hilarious. How did this happen? Jackquiski Tartt explains (note: Sherman was in the room holding the podium up):

Tartt: “I’m gonna give that to AC—Adrian Colbert—made a post about it and we’ve called him “Uncle Sherm” since then.”

Sherman: “We talked about this today...”

Tartt: “Oh yeah, we did talk about it today. It kind of makes him seem old. He’s still young, he’s got a lot left in him. We might revise his nickname to something else.”

Sherman: “Appreciate that.”

I don’t think there can be such a majestic exchange between teammates again for the entire season.

Both Tartt and Williams answered some questions about the above, Jimmie Ward, and how close-knit the team has come. The time stamps are below. You can watch the interview here.

00:00 - The “Uncle Sherm” nickname
01:10 - Competition at position and having Shanahan’s support (Williams)
02:11 - The close-knit culture of the team and impact of Reuben Foster’s return (Tartt)
02:41 - Adrian Colbert’s next step (Tartt)
03:00 - Memories of first training camp practice
03:36 - Jimmie Ward’s unknown role in the secondary (Tartt)
04:25 - What sense did they get the 49ers liked before contract extensions
05:11 - What does Tartt want to prove? (Tartt)