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What we learned from the second day of 49ers minicamp

The 49ers closed out field work on their second day of minicamp - here’s what we learned

NFL: San Franciso 49ers-Minicamp Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

It was another day of defensive domination in Santa Clara, but don’t worry, that’s normal for this time of the year and it’s also common during training camp. Defensive players tend to progress more quickly than offensive players, learning the scheme faster than offensive players learn the details of the playbook. The good thing is that progress was made: the offense did not commit any pre snap penalties after a very sloppy outing the day before. Here’s what we learned in day two of mandatory minicamp.

DeForest Buckner will be a force to be reckoned with

While the team is still only wearing shorts and t-shirts and contact is not allowed, you can still see Buckner's talent and strength during team drills. He got pressure on Jimmy Garoppolo two plays in a row, causing him to throw the ball away. The second play would have definitely been called a sack if it was a full contact practice. (Even though they would not lay a hand on Garoppolo)

Jerick McKinnon is going to be a fantasy gold mine

I can’t remember the last time I picked a 49er, other than a kicker, on my fantasy football team. While that is not the best measure of a player’s worth, it is definitely an indication of what the combination of Garoppolo and McKinnon has looked like at practice, McKinnon is fast and shifty with great hands. While his stature may not be over whelming, his ability is. In the third play of practice McKinnon caught a short pass from Garoppolo and exploded up the middle for what was likely a touchdown. (the play was blown dead early) This connection will be fun to watch come September.

Reuben Foster is the Water Boy

Malcolm Smith and Reuben Foster are finally getting getting time on the field together and their combination could be very daunting for offenses that face them. Smith has been playing the MIKE role and Foster the WILL. When rookie linebacker Fred Warner stepped in the Smith was out with a groin strain, he played the MIKE role. While Foster played the strong side at Alabama, it looks as though the coaching staff wants to minimize things for Foster to think about and just want him out there, ”flying around looking to hit someone.”

The wide receiver group is pretty solid

There have been a few minor injuries in the receivers group but they have been significant enough not push players to practice. Trent Taylor had bone spurs removed from his back, Marquise Goodwin is nursing a back strain, and after his break out practice, Dante Pettis sat out of team drills on the final day of minicamp field work. It‘s also worth mentioning that Pierre Garcon has also had limited reps as he eases back into work after his neck injury.

As a result, Garoppolo had new/different targets to throw to. Aldrick Robinson was the safety blanket receiver for the day and Kendrick Bourne was seen in a featured role. While neither is a new face to the offense, both had their chance to work on the impression they will leave on the coaching staff entering the summer break. (Just say no to the WR who formally played for the team with a star logo)