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Golden Nuggets: Minicamp Wraps Up Today

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Thursday, June 14th, 2018 edition.

NFL: San Franciso 49ers-Minicamp Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning folks, today marks both the final day of the 2018 minicamp for the 49ers, as well as the beginning of the long road of effective radio silence in terms of 49ers news for a very long time. Although the team is holding a final day of camp, it‘ll be comprised entirely of meetings. The session is completely closed off from the media, so the reports we have from days one and two are currently what we have to go on. Naturally, while the next month and a half will be absolutely littered with roster projections and the odd 2019 mock draft (hooray, he said, generating eyeroll force previously thought impossible), the best case scenario is that the only actual news we hear is that Mike McGlinchey & Dante Pettis have signed their contracts. The major veteran names approaching 2019 free agency have all been temporarily dealt with - 5th year options for both Jimmie Ward and Arik Armstead, and a modest two year extension for Jaquiski Tartt.

A major theme running through the minicamp reports this year has been the defensive renaissance, coupled with a certain sluggishness displayed by the offense. While it’s concerning that Jimmy G and friends haven’t been lighting the world on fire as we have all hoped, I think it’s fair to play “wait and see” at this point, as, anecdotally, offenses usually seem to come out a bit slower than defenses every year.

While Jimmy Garoppolo has been less than stellar during minicamp, there has been some good news to float out. Minor injuries to WRs Trent Taylor and Marquise Goodwin have provided extra opportunities for the guys deeper down the depth chart. Dante Pettis had a standout practice on Tuesday, and journeyman veteran Aldrick Robinson lit it up on Wednesday. Although it’s safe to say that the 49ers don’t have the top-end traditional talent at WR, it seems as thought they’ve made WR depth something of a strength, even if it’s comprised of role players.

Speaking of depth, inside linebacker depth has seemingly become a strength as well. Even before John Lynch & Kyle Shanahan took over, it’s felt like the 49ers ILB corps has been forced to start off-the-street guys by season’s end. The 49ers brass has certainly looked to prevent that - recently-signed rookie Fred Warner joins former Chargers starter Korey Toomer, and backup hero Brock Coyle as perhaps one of the more impressive sets of ILB depth options in the league. Of course, this means that Malcolm Smith has been getting the starting reps with Reuben Foster, and, surprisingly, but simultaneously not surprising at all, Smith has been taking the MIKE snaps. Considering the near identical nature of the MIKE and WILL backer spots, and that Malcolm Smith has much more experience in the system, it makes sense to give Foster less to worry about.

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