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Golden Nuggets: Next Stop, Training Camp

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Friday, June 15th, 2018 edition.

NFL: San Franciso 49ers-Minicamp Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning folks, with the conclusion of Thursday’s team meetings, minicamp is officially over, and the team is now “on vacation” for roughly six weeks before Training Camp begins. The date has not been officially released, but usually convenes in the last week of July, with some sources estimating the earliest start to be around July 25th. Earlier in the week, Jimmy Garoppolo mentioned in a press conference that he expected several of his teammates to be around for on-field work during the stretch - a sentiment which was indirectly echoed by Kyle Shanahan yesterday, as he seemingly spoke to his players through reporters, musing upon the dangers of taking the month off. “[Not coming] to training camp right”, he said, “...will affect how you play in Week 16”.

As jokingly predicted in yesterday’s edition, the roster prognostications have already begun. Chris Biderman of Ninerswire completed a full 53-man projection, which made no bones about including surprising or unpopular selections. At some points in his article, I found myself wondering if some of the glaring omissions were more a product of my own hopefulness for certain players, and begun to wonder earnestly if they were even viable additions to the roster.

Such omissions include the mysterious Joe Williams, a guy who I’ve found myself rooting for, but has put nothing on tape to suggest that he is deserving of a 53-man spot. Biderman includes Aaron Burbridge as the 6th wide receiver, a decision that I don’t necessarily support, but found myself in agreement that his special teams value may put him over whatever magical upside I dream that rookie WR Richie James Jr. may possess. Easily the most controversial decision Biderman made on offense was the inclusion of Mike Person at guard over Joshua Garnett - this is a selection that makes sense only through the lens of “we haven’t yet seen Garnett’s abilities post-weight loss, but at least we know that Mike Person is below-average and has played in Shanahan’s system before”.

However, it seems like the defensive depth chart is a little bit easier to project, with perhaps the only logjam coming in the secondary. The entire secondary. In terms of cleanly prognosticating a traditional depth chart, where does one put jack-of-all-trades Jimme Ward? Biderman chose to put Ward on the safety depth chart, which I can get behind, which meant retaining Tyvis Powell as a cornerback. I have to assume that this selection is based purely on experience - I’d like to see Tarvarus McFadden make the roster over Powell, but I suppose that’s what we have Training Camp and Exhibition Games for.

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