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Jerick McKinnon mic’d up might be the most-feel good mic’d up you see

Just watch him dance.And rap.

The San Francisco 49ers managed to produce a nice mic’d up segment of OTAs, this one featuring 49ers running back Jerick McKinnon. Each segment seems to have something you can pick out. With Kyle Shanahan, his usage of “yeah man” stood out.

With McKinnon, it’s just how jolly he is. I don’t thing I’ve found another video that has me feeling as happy as this unless I watched videos of puppies or something. McKinnon has everyone getting happy and any ribs are usually ones others are laughing about in a few seconds.

The best parts though are his interactions with fullback Kyle Juszczyk. Juszczyk at one point warns McKinnon about his freestyle skills and how he doesn’t want to put McKinnon into one of his raps. The awesomeness of this threat cannot be understated. No one wants to be on a diss track.

The back half of the video features McKinnon interacting with Matt Breida. The second-year running back is the front-runner for the backup running back job. Joe Williams, Raheem Mostert, Jeremy McNichols, and Jeff Wilson are all competing for an opportunity as well, but Breida could be in line for a breakout this season. But regardless of the role, McKinnon seems to have a strong rapport with his fellow running back.

You can watch the segment here. Then go smell flowers or something with the happiness it brings.