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Kyle Shananan was the impetus behind the 1994 throw back jerseys

Jed York gave Shanahan all of the credit for the all white throwback jerseys as the alternate this year, we found out why


The San Francisco 49ers revealed their alternate jerseys at the “State of the Franchise” event and it went over very successfully with fans of the team. When complemented about the decision, owner and CEO Jed York gave all of the credit to head coach Kyle Shanahan.

When asked about the why he campaigned for the 1994 throwback jerseys Shanahan explained that the white pants and white jerseys with red numbers have always been his favorite 49ers uniform. Shanahan continued, saying he thought the all white always looked clean and sharp. He finally said it was for sentimental reasons as it was the “last year we were here.” (Obviously the last year since he came back to the 49ers organization)

Kyle Shanahan’s father Mike was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers from 1992-1994 and during that time, Kyle was 15 years old and was a ball boy. It was quite a roster that included Hall of Famers Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders and Rickey Jackson as well as Dana Stubblefield, Jesse Sapolu, Ricky Watters, Bryant Young and Ken Norton Jr.

Mike Shanahan was on the practice field during minicamp and I asked him what he thought about his son bringing back the jerseys from that year and he replied “Those are some great memories.”

1994 was also the last year the 49ers won a Super Bowl.