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Leaked Madden 19 ratings have eight 49ers ahead of Jimmy Garoppolo

There are a few players that deserve higher ratings.

Fooch’s update: It turns out, EA is claiming they purposely leaked false ratings and we could see swings by as much as 10 points for some players. I suppose that if they wanted to get people talking, this did it.

EA Sports will release Madden 19 in a couple months, but in the meantime, some of their ratings have leaked out. It is my understanding that some of these ratings are expected to change, but this gives us an initial idea where EA’s head is at with regard to certain players.

The video above (also here) shows the top ten overall player ratings for each team, along with a few of the more specific numbers. The San Francisco 49ers ratings offer some expected numbers, and maybe some surprises. Joe Staley and Richard Sherman both lead the way with 88 overall ratings. Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Donald, and Antonio Brown top all ratings at 99, and 35 total players have a rating of 91 or higher.

Jimmy Garoppolo shows up tied with Jaquiski Tartt for ninth among 49ers players. They both have an 80 rating, which is kind of interesting considering how things ended last year. EA tracks ratings through the season, and you can view 49ers ratings here. At the end of the season, Garoppolo had a rating of 83, after opening the season with a 77. Tartt had a rating of 84, after opening the season with a 72. It’s worth noting that DeForest Buckner ended the season holding an 88 rating, which tied with Joe Staley for best on the team. Right now, EA has him with an 81.

I imagine some of these ratings will change a bit between now and August, but it’s going to be interesting to see how some of these younger players move from launch date through the season. If the 49ers come anywhere close to meeting expectations, we could see several players into the 90s.

Here are the top ten Madden ratings for 49ers players:

Joe Staley: 88
Richard Sherman: 88
Reuben Foster: 87
Pierre Garçon: 86
Jerick McKinnon: 84
Robbie Gould: 83
DeForest Buckner: 81
Marquise Goodwin: 81
Jimmy Garoppolo: 80
Jaquiski Tartt: 80