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What’s your burger of choice?

The 2018 offseason is truly in full swing following the close of mandatory minicamp. The San Francisco 49ers do not return to practice again until training camp starts in late July. That means we’ve got over five weeks of down time.

We’ll have plenty to discuss over the next month and a half, but in the meantime, I thought I’d close out today (barring breaking news) with a random question. We’ve discussed burgers here before, but a Twitter conversation got me thinking about it again.

California is ride or die with In-N-Out, and naturally there is a lot of push-back from those outside of In-N-Out’s sphere of influence. I spent nine years in California, but enough time outside has me enjoying a host of different burgers. I enjoy Five Guys, but I also see that as a different type of burger experience than In-N-Out. They’re both burgers, but they’re different kinds of burgers.

I am a fan of Smashburger, having first had it in Las Vegas, and then in New York City. Here in DC, we have a place called Burger, Tap, & Shake. There are only two locations, but it might be my “fast food” burger of choice.

And of course, folks from Texas and elsewhere love them some Whataburger. I’ve had it twice, and while I did not dislike it, I didn’t think it was all that great. But I know there are some strong Whataburger opinions.

I thought about putting together a poll to see what people think, but I also know there will be some additional options to consider. So instead, drop in your favorite fast food burger places, and I’ll work up a poll later this week.

I’d say it should be a place with locations in more than one city. It can be a regional brand, but I’d say it needs to be in multiple cities to count for the purposes of this poll. But, go ahead and drop them in the comments, and we’ll figure out who to include (if any) in a poll along with In-N-Out, Five Guys, and Whataburger.