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49ers get relatively low Madden 19 rating ... for now

EA Sports decided to mess with fans.

EA Sports is releasing Madden 19 on August 10th, but over the weekend, a host of ratings appeared on YouTube and Twitter. We went through the San Francisco 49ers ratings, and there were some big question marks. Most notably to me was the fact that DeForest Buckner had a rating of 81, which was seventh on the team. Given his value to the defense, that seemed low.

It turns out there is a possible explanation. For whatever reason, EA Sports apparently decided to leak out intentionally false Madden ratings. Our friends at Bleeding Green Nation spoke to a Madden designer and got the scoop.

I reached out to Andre Weingarten, a designer and ratings assistant for Madden and he said that the ratings on EA Play that are being released to the public are intentionally false. He went on to say that the overall ratings were “scrambled” and the individual ratings are up to 10+ off their actual ratings.

On Monday, the official Sunday Night Football account tweeted out team ratings, and the 49ers got a 78 overall rating. That’s not entirely shocking, but one has to wonder how much they might change when the official ratings are revealed.

Among the individual players, DeForest Buckner has to be one of the players who gets a bump. The same holds true for Jimmy Garoppolo and Jaquiski Tartt. The leaked rating for both players are lower than how their ratings finished at the end of last season. Maybe they don’t get a big bump, but I’d think they would be closer to last year’s end-of-season rating.

I’d say I’m not sure why EA would release fake ratings, but they do have us talking about them, so I guess they got something out of this.