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First look at the 49ers in Madden 19

Not sure what to think of this.

We were able to get some video of the San Francisco 49ers in action in the upcoming Madden 19, and it seems like something is missing. For starters, the player models themselves seem even more stiff than they have in years past. For another, their upper body makes them look like they are more at home in an NFL Blitz game. Garrett Celek is a good example of this—he looks like Frankenstein’s Monster.

Madden got a graphical shot in the arm with the Frostbite engine in Madden 18, but from the looks of this video, the animations seem a step down. This very well could change by the final product because the 49ers’ opponent, the Arizona Cardinals move a bit more fluidly to what I’m used to and the players look a bit more accurate to their real-life counterparts. We don’t know when this build was sent out, so there could be more work to do, but given the release date less than two months away, this is probably the final product.

So now the good, for the 49ers anyways. Looks like Jimmy Garoppolo’s cadence has made it into the game. EA will oftentimes resort in using stock voices for some quarterbacks that don’t sound anything like the signal caller (used usually for backup quarterbacks). Garoppolo’s...well...whatever it is he screams before the snap (I’ve yet to confirm what it is white 80? one-80?) is in there. The game also looks a lot faster than years past, but again, I’m looking at a video package here so this could just be my own mind playing tricks on me and it’s the same speed as usual.

As far as the gameplay, I can’t comment on that. It looks like the ability to vary your passes (floater vs. bullet) will be making a return, as will receiver catching. I’m sure EA will throw some new mode or mechanic to make things seem fresh as well.

Madden 19 will be released August 10th. What do you think of this gameplay? Was I missing something or is this a step back?