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Which of the 49ers UDFAs has the best shot at a roster spot?

The 49ers signed 14 UDFAs, but have limited opportunities

Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken a look at the 49ers undrafted free agents to see how they might fit in to their respective positional depth chart. There are limited opportunities as the roster improves, but we still might see one or two UDFAs surprise us come August.

Running back
Wide receivers
Offensive line
Defensive line

Here is the full list of the 49ers UDFAs

QB Jack Heneghan
RB Jeff Wilson
WR Steven Dunbar
TE Ross Dwelley
OL Alan Knott
OL Jamar McGloster
OL Coleman Shelton
OL Najee Toran
DL Niles Scott
DL Blaine Woodson
CB Tarvarus McFadden
CB Emmanuel Moseley
S Corey Griffin
S Terrell Williams

Each positional depth chart is pertinent, but in reality, if a UDFA is going to make the roster, his impact on special teams will be a key factor. His potential is also pertinent, but the actual immediate offensive or defensive depth chart impact is not necessarily as big a deal. And all this means that we can’t just consider a UDFA in the vacuum of his position.

Of course, we do have players like quarterback Jack Heneghan. He is not going to compete on special teams, so it really does come down to his positional depth chart. And given the current state of the 49ers quarterback depth chart, he and Nick Mullens both seem assured of competing for no more than a practice squad spot.

On the other hand, wide receiver Steven Dunbar faces a tall order climbing up the depth chart, and will absolutely have to stand out on special teams to land a roster spot.

Dunbar and safety Terrell Williams are players who stood out in the offseason workout program, according to media on hand. It’s hard to speculate much on UDFAs before pads go on, and that is particularly true when it comes to standing out on special teams. We will try not to overreact too much to performances in preseason games, but for end of the roster players, how they perform on special teams in those games could be the key difference-maker in landing a roster spot.

From the perspective of maybe contributing to the offensive and defensive snap count, Ross Dwelley is intriguing just because the third tight end role is uncertain. Cole Hikutini seems to be the favorite, but he’s dealt with drops and body catches. If any position is going to provide an opening, it could be that one.

Who are your top candidates to land a spot on the 49ers 53-man roster after final cuts?