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The real star of Richard Sherman’s mic’d up video is Robbie Gould

Mic’d up segments can be a lot of fun, and honestly, those at practice can sometimes be even better than what you get at the game. The San Francisco 49ers video team has done great work getting players mic’d up at practice, and I imagine it will continue into training camp.

Their latest video features cornerback Richard Sherman during minicamp. You can watch it below, or click here.

It features a lot of the usual joking around mixed with some serious moments where Sherman is trying to coach up players or otherwise gets hyped up. There’s some good stuff.

But frankly, Robbie Gould is the real star of this video. Players will joke around with a player they know is mic’d up. Gould takes it to the next level, trying to butter up Sherman with offers of snacks. He managed to get some positive comments out of it.

The whole thing is fun, so make sure and give it a watch.