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49ers rookies, veterans to report to training camp on July 25th

The NFL makes it official.

The NFL announced formal start dates for training camp, and the San Francisco 49ers will get things going on July 25th. Both rookies and veterans will be officially reporting to Santa Clara that day. Players are allowed to work out at the facility before then, but July 25th is the first day they can formally interact with football coaches aside from the training staff.

The league’s collective bargaining agreement has a formal process for earliest training camp start dates. Veterans other than quarterbacks and injured players cannot be required to report to the team’s official preseason training camp earlier than 15 days prior to their first preseason game.

The 15 days includes one day for physical examinations, meetings, classroom instruction, running, and conditioning. That first day is when teams put their players through conditioning tests and make the decision whether or not to place a player on the PUP or NFI lists. If a player is not placed on either list the first day of training camp and then goes out and practices, he cannot be placed on the list.

The important thing is that today, the first day of summer, the San Francisco 49ers are 34 days away from training camp!