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The champs are defeated in the latest round of 49ers Catch Phrase

You want random stuff in the offseason? I got random stuff in the offseason.

49ers senior reporter Joe Fann started up a series where four players compete in a game called Catch Phrase. It’s a party type game where a person has to get his partner to say a given phrase in the allotted time. Two weeks ago, Eli Harold and DeForest Buckner defeated Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida. This week, we’re back with Harold and Buckner defending their crown against new best friends, Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey.

Staley and McGlinchey have become fast friends since the 49ers drafted the latter back in April. They bring plenty of entertainment (including Staley singing some Rod Stewart), but Harold and Buckner more than hold their own. My personal favorite of this clip is Buckner bewilderedly saying, “You put eggs in anything, bro!” It’s near the end, but the whole video is worth a watch.