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Fred Warner talks the 49ers locker room, playing MIKE, and adjusting to NFL defenses

The 49ers 3rd round pick was Matt Maiocco’s latest guest on his podcast. We’ve got time stamps, and you can listen to the link below or go here.

One of the most notable changes in the 49ers’ culture since the arrival of Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch has been the locker room. The team went through a rough patch of losses in 2017 but remained nothing but encouraging and the bonds got stronger in the offseason. Within weeks, Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey are making a case to get a record deal. Richard Sherman is offering veteran knowledge to the younger defensive backs and Jimmy Garoppolo, well he’s Jimmy Garoppolo.

If it sounds a bit different, it probably is, according to 49ers linebacker Fred Warner. He was the latest guest on Matt Maiocco’s latest podcast and described the brotherhood of the locker room in San Francisco:

“Now that I’m here and I met the players, I’m sure that there’s no team out there like this locker room, because this is probably the most brotherhood locker room and I don’t think it’s like that in most NFL locker rooms just because of the situation with how it’s a job now. You don’t just go out there and play and go to school. This place is for sure special, there’s an energy about this place.”

Obviously, Warner’s been in only one locker room as this is his rookie season. There are probably several other locker rooms in the league that have some great culture. At the same time, Warner made a lot of visits in the draft process might have been able to get a feeling for how things were for several teams. The 49ers locker room has definitely been positive with the right personalities and character placed in there.

I have the timestamps below. You can listen to the interview above or go here.

00:33 - Where he would land on draft day
00:53 - College recruitment
01:27 - All about his mom
02:58 - Experience at BYU/dealing with his first injuries
05:29 - BYU’s 2017 season
07:01 - His visit to Santa Clara
08:24 - His arrival in the 49ers’ locker room
09:50 - Expectations coming to the 49ers in light of the Reuben Foster situation
12:04 - Playing the MIKE spot
13:29 - Picking up the defense
14:58 - His awesome interception against Boise State/family commitments
16:16 - Who he hangs out with and what he does with his free time
17:20 - DeMeco Ryans
18:09 - Training between OTAs and training camp