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David Carr ranks Jimmy Garoppolo in top 10 of NFL quarterbacks

This is an ... intriguing list.

Former NFL quarterback David Carr has been offering his opinions for NFL Media, and recently he decided to dive into his position of knowledge. The NFL Network is wrapping up their Top 100 players on Monday, unveiling their top ten players. In conjunction with that, Carr ranked out the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL.

The usual suspects are at the top, led by Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees. The first big surprise is Derek Carr showing up at No. 4. Given that David Carr is handling this list, I’m going to let this slide. I’m not surprised at all.

Jimmy Garoppolo ended up on the list, showing up at No. 10.

The careers of Jimmy Garoppolo and Brock Osweiler, both with small sample sizes of game play before signing massive contracts, couldn’t be more different. After helping the Broncos go 5-2 as the team’s starter during its run to Super Bowl 50, Osweiler was average at best in Houston. He’s jumped around since his short stint with the Texans and is currently a backup in Miami. Jimmy on the other hand has flourished with his new team, recording a 5-0 record last year as a starter under Kyle Shanahan. Garoppolo changed the course of the season for a 49ers team that didn’t get its first win until Week 10. This is a prove-it season for him. Can he continue to win?

Some notable names that did not make the list were Ben Roethlisberger, Deshaun Watson, and Carson Wentz. I’m trying to decide where Carr is overrating and underrating folks. I assume Watson’s injury cost him, but from a pure potential standpoint, I could see people ranking him higher. Wentz also had his injury, which makes him another tough one to figure out. It is interesting to note that Carr listed Wentz as the top player to date from the 2016 draft class.

We’re going to see plenty of these kinds of rankings heading into the coming season. Jimmy Garoppolo will get love in some, but I have to think we see him showing up more in the middle of the pack in others. Much like Kyle Shanahan ranked in the middle of the pack due to his small sample size, it makes sense to hold off sensationalizing Jimmy G too much. A strong 2018 season could change that drastically, but for now, I think it makes sense to pump the brakes.