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Three 49ers championship rings go up for sale on an episode of Pawn Stars

Not sure why you want to get rid of the ultimate memorabilia to buy more memorabilia.

I’m not a big fan of reality TV. I used to worship Bar Rescue like it were the greatest show ever and was disappointed to figure out the entire show was staged and half the issues the bar had was planted by producers. If I wanted something so predetermined, I’d watch wrestling. Storage Wars is another offender with people ‘salting’ storage units before the auctions so these guys can find treasures in what otherwise is 24 cubic feet of junk. The one good thing of these shows is finding cool stuff. Bar Rescue had some cool tap systems that I never knew about and Storage Wars enlightens me on some rare collectibles I’d not find anywhere else. Which is why Pawn Stars can be interesting when it wants to be.

And that’s where today’s video come up. A lucky fan who probably should invest in lottery tickets given the merchandise has three Super Bowl rings to sell to the pawnshop. A 1994 ring, a 1988 ring, and a 1981 ring—their first championship. The rings are legit, with one belonging to Eric Wright, another to Toi Cook, and one more to Jeff Fuller. One of them got resized and apparently the jeweler did a bad job, but other than that, they are legitimate Super Bowl rings.

And that’s where things get interesting. Because the appraisals come, the offers follow, and it’s a back and forth on if some pieces of 49ers memorabilia will make it into this treasure cave of stuff.

The appraisals are interesting as well as they give some background on how much the rings would go for and how purchasing went for championship rings. Of course the offer of $45,000 seems a bit low, but that’s Pawn Stars.

Pawn Stars is generally what you’d expect from reality TV. There’s one dude who shall remain nameless who went on it to try and sell his Nintendo World Championship carts when it was obvious through bad acting that he had no intention on doing so. Those are two of the most rare and most coveted Nintendo Entertainment System games ever created. So seeing an offer for player memorabilia of three different championship years would follow the same suit.

So what’s this guy doing? How did they find him? Who knows. I would have loved to have had the collector he claimed to have gotten the rings on so we can see how he came in possession of three different players’ rings. All I know is it was just cool to see some 49ers championship rings, and seeing the cool stuff is why you only need to watch Pawn Stars.

The video is pasted above, but if you can’t see it, I have it linked here.