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Jimmy Garoppolo ranks sixth in early MVP odds

The folks at Bovada have unveiled their first round of MVP odds for the 2018 NFL season, and naturally, Jimmy Garoppolo is high on the list. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is installed at 20/1 odds, tied with Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, and Deshaun Watson. They come in at No. 6 behind Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson. I don’t think anybody would be surprised those five names top the list.

The 49ers defense needs to step up in a big way, but quarterbacks win MVP awards. Sure, DeForest Buckner or somebody else could have a ridiculous season and earn an MVP award, but let’s be honest — if the 49ers improve considerably in 2018, Jimmy G is going to get the national praise. The quarterback is generally the most important position on the field, and that means national folks are going to focus on that when it comes to the MVP award.

Here are the top of the odds:

Aaron Rodgers: 13/2
Tom Brady: 7/1
Carson Wentz: 19/2
Drew Brees: 15/1
Russell Wilson: 15/1
Jimmy Garoppolo: 20/1
Cam Newton: 20/1
Matt Ryan: 20/1
Deshaun Watson: 20/1
Kirk Cousins: 22/1
Jared Goff: 22/1
Philip Rivers: 22/1
Ben Roethlisberger: 25/1
Derek Carr: 28/1
Andrew Luck: 30/1
Dak Prescott: 30/1
Matthew Stafford: 30/1
Le’Veon Bell: 40/1
Todd Gurley: 40/1
David Johnson: 40/1
Marcus Mariota: 40/1