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Adrian Colbert mic’d up is the most awesome nonsense you may see

The majesty of nothingness is not to be understated.

There are some mic’d up segments that have really nothing to offer anyone besides 49ers fans seeing the team on the sidelines jawing. Then there’s videos like Adrian Colbert’s mic’d up segment that fail to really make a point of anything, but I still feel like I’ve learned so much. For one thing, while Richard Sherman hates the “Uncle Sherm” nickname, he definitely wants some people to refer to him “Mr. Sherman.”

Just don’t call him “Uncle Sherminator.”

The highlight though is Colbert taking pictures of Reuben Foster with an imaginary camera, making fun of Reuben Foster’s helmet visor.

Beyond that, there’s a lot of “awesome nonsense” I call it. Colbert singing, Colbert’s skills at spinning the ball, and Colbert trying to finger out where his mic line is hidden for the entire segment to begin with.

This is definitely like an episode of Seinfeld where there’s a whole lot of nothing, but I found myself laughing out loud for the three and a half minutes it ran, so it’s a keeper.