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Full Laken Tomlinson contract details have arrived

Here’s a look at what Laken Tomlinson contract extension looks like.

Fooch’s update: Jason has gotten some additional numbers together on the deal. It includes $400,000 in annual per-game roster bonus money, and $100,000 workout bonuses starting in 2019. His 2018 base salary ($1,600,944) is now fully guaranteed. His 2019 base salary ($2 million) and $3 million of his 2020 base salary are guaranteed for injury. They will become fully guaranteed on the first day of each respective league year. His deal includes $10 million in “new” guaranteed money, and $11,600,944 in overall guaranteed money with the 2018 base guarantee.

The San Francisco 49ers signed offensive guard Laken Tomlinson to a three-year contract extension last week, locking up their left guard through 2021. The full details have not arrived, but Jason Hurley came across some of the basics.

The NFLPA has posted his contract to their database, and they have listed out his base salaries for the years of the contract. He was already due $1,600,944 on his rookie contract. That remains in place. On the extension, his 2019 base salary is $2 million, his 2020 base salary is $3.5 million, and his 2021 base salary is $4.5 million.

The NFLPA also updated their public salary cap report, and there was a $1.25 million difference for this season. That suggests either a $1.25 million roster bonus, or a $5 million signing bonus. A signing bonus is prorated over the life of the contract for cap purposes. Although the extension covers 2019 through 2021, the signing bonus cap hit starts impacting the cap the year it is paid. A $5 million signing bonus prorated over four years is $1.25 million per year for cap purposes. We’ll find out for sure probably in the next week or two, but that suggests he received a $5 million signing bonus on his contract.

The base salaries plus a $5 million signing bonus would add up to $15 million of a deal reportedly worth up to $18 million. Any remaining money would be roster and/or workout bonuses, and then potential incentives.

The deal also reportedly included $10 million in guarantees. That likely covers both full and injury guarantees. After the potential $5 million signing bonus, more than likely the 49ers guaranteed his $1,600,944 base salary this season, and then offered some injury guarantees on 2019 and some of his 2020 base salary.

We know the base salaries, and we know the change in 2018 salary cap information, but we are still doing some projecting with these numbers. For now, it offers a ball park idea of what the 49ers are paying Tomlinson on his new deal. More to come!