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Better Rivals podcast: Jimmy Garoppolo, Jalen Ramsey, and passing from run personnel

David and Oscar break down how Kyle Shanahan creates advantages throwing the ball out of run personnel in the first episode of Smart Football Month.

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On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, we kick off Smart Football Month by diving deep into Kyle Shanahan’s passing attack out of run personnel. Were the 49ers actually successful throwing out of run personnel last season? (3:06) How does Shanahan set his players up for success in these situations? (25:28) And what made the Jaguars game the finest example of how this strategy can be successful? (34:38) All that, plus Laken Tomlinson gets an extension, Jalen Ramsey’s recent comments, and Germany should’ve had sex.

Episode Resources

The table below compares the 49ers offensive efficiency by personnel grouping while Jimmy Garoppolo was at quarterback with NFL averages for the season. Ranks in parenthesis are where the 49ers placed from Weeks 13-17. Data courtesy of Pro Football Focus.

49ers offensive efficiency by personnel grouping

Stat 49ers (with Jimmy) NFL Avg.
Stat 49ers (with Jimmy) NFL Avg.
Yds/Play  6.10 (4th) 5.26
Yds/Pass 8.02 (1st) 6.18
Yds/Run 3.68 (26th) 3.89
Pass % 55.7% (25th) 60.0%
aDOT 8.39 (2nd) 7.34
Yds/Play 5.76 (7th) 4.88
Yds/Pass 8.70 (4th) 6.76
Yds/Run 3.45 (18th) 3.53
Pass % 44.0% (15th) 41.9%
aDOT 8.17 (11th) 7.9
Yds/Play 6.71 (2nd) 5.35
Yds/Pass 7.31 (2nd) 5.79
Yds/Run 4.70 (11th) 4.31
Pass % 77.1% (3rd) 71.4%
aDOT 8.63 (1st) 7.13

HOSS Concept

One of the passing concepts we touch on in the episode is the HOSS concept. The Patriots have used this frequently over the years and Shanahan installed it after Garoppolo took over. This article from Inside the Pylon details how it works.