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49ers to live stream all 4 preseason games on their website, but only for those in 49ers region

This isn’t helpful for the rest of us.

The San Francisco 49ers are set to start streaming their four preseason games on the team’s official website, according to Matt Maiocco. Unfortunately, it is only going to cover those in the 49ers markets. That means primarily the Bay Area and Northern California.

It’s nice to see the team starting to move into game-streaming, but it doesn’t really help those of us outside the 49ers market. We are still left to use NFL Game Pass or other options that I will not discuss here. It is worth noting all 32 NFL teams have this option, so hopefully more will consider using it.

NFL Game Pass has a couple notable problems. The first is the stream can be problematic and lag at times. The second is the home vs. road announcers. Usually NFL Game Pass uses the road announcers for their preseason streams. I’m not the biggest Ted Robinson fan, but at least he knows all the names on the 49ers 90-man roster. I don’t expect another team’s announcer to be spot on, but they can be pretty brutal with pronouncing names and even spotting the numbers and names properly. And having someone who can focus on 49ers storylines is obviously preferable for us.

So, the 49ers are taking on streaming, but it doesn’t matter if you live outside their home market.

Here’s the full 49ers preseason schedule

Thursday, August 9th vs. Dallas Cowboys — 7 p.m. PT
Saturday, August 18th @ Houston Texans — 5 p.m. PT
Saturday, August 25th @ Indianapolis Colts — 1:30 p.m. PT
Thursday, August 30th vs. Los Angeles Chargers — 7 p.m. PT