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Open thread: Deion Sanders is a weird dude

We are into the quietest part of the offseason, and with the July 4th holiday fast approaching, people will be tuning out in a hurry. Heading into this weekend, I was planning on posting a basic open thread for people to chat about whatever.

Then Deion Sanders tweeted.

I really don’t know what to make of this tweet, but I have

1. Is he suggesting he lies to his friends and spouse?

2. The Norse version of Jack & Jill involves them being brother and sister and others believe the one we learn involves siblings. So, what’s up Deion?

3. They had said sex and got high and are now both in jail. Isn’t that a little harsh, Deion?

I can probably come up with a few more questions, but regardless, this is a weird, weird tweet. Feel free to discuss that or whatever you want as we head into the pre-holiday weekend.