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Golden Nuggets: The tight end who got away

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, June 3rd 2018

The San Francisco 49ers are finished with their second week of OTAs and there’s much to take in, but I found something tonight worth mentioning. Former 49ers tight end Delanie Walker has declared himself the best in the NFL.

Honestly, given how he explains how/why he is, I can’t blame him. He has a case for being best all around (blocking, pass catching, running) but I don’t know if I agree.

I will agree that he should have stayed in San Francisco, if Vernon Davis wasn’t playing lights out, he probably would have. Unfortunately he was deserving of No. 1 tight end money and was going to be stuck as No. 2. Not to mention, perhaps Tennessee was the best thing to happen to him. I remember all of us calling him ‘Droptimus Prime’. I was dissappointed the 49ers couldnt keep him but it was probably the right decision, and he really came into his own in Tennessee. Would he have done the same if he stayed in San Francisco? With Vernon Davis, we may never know.

So I have one link. In case you didn’t know:

49ers’ Bolden Suspended for Performance-Enhancing Substance (Sports Illustrated)

What a horrible night to have a curse...