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Terrell Owens might be willing to come to the 49ers for veteran minimum

The 49ers have lost Victor Bolden Jr. for four games, should they kick the tires on TO?

Over the weekend, Terrell Owens helped with an Alzeimers awareness campaign by ‘going purple’. After some tweets happened, Owens was tweeted by San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch for a job well done.

Then things get interesting:

So the 49ers can get a hall of fame-bound wide receiver for the veteran minimum? Well that’s something to think about. I mean he is 44 but who cares about that?

The last time Owens was in an NFL uniform was in 2012 when he went to the Seattle Seahawks. Owens announced his release not even a month later.

With the suspension of Victor Bolden Jr., the 49ers could use another camp body, I suppose. Owens may be 44 years old but brings some veteran insight of the professional level. Given all the wide receiver acquisitions, and how cheap he comes, would you kick the tires on Terrell Owens? Perhaps he could be used in a pinch?

Then again, he is going into the hall of fame as a Cowboy...