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Golden Nuggets: Garoppolo sells merchandise

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, June 30th 2018

Good Morning!

Looks like Jimmy Garoppolo’s merchandise sales won’t be going down any time soon as he’s one of the best selling names in the offseason. If that’s not interesting, check this out:

What does that mean? Look who’s Number 2 and who’s Number 4. Garoppolo is already beating Tom Brady in merchandise sales.

Now, to be fair, Brady has been around a lot longer, and it’s safe to assume he’s Number 4 due to the fact that everyone that wanted to buy a Tom Brady shirt has already bought one. I’m not going to look at logic right now though, Garoppolo is beating Brady in merchandise sales. It’s awesome.

Now have some links, I added some stuff around the league, because it’s that time of year:

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