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Top plays of the day: 49ers OTAs week three

The 49ers opened OTAs to the media for the third and final time and here are your top plays of the day

NFL: San Franciso 49ers-OTA Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers opened up OTAs for the third and final time to media and practice progressed as usual with individual drills then moving on to 11-on-11s. The 11-on-11s included standard, red zone and move the ball sessions. There were a few plays that stood out during practice and we have them here for you:

Jimmy Garoppolo pass broken up by Korey Toomer

Garoppolo had some time in the pocket, and attempted a 5-7 yard pass across his body to the left but Toomer read it correctly and reached out and swatted the ball down before it had a chance to get to the intended receiver. (writer consensus thinks the intended receiver could have been Kendrick Bourne but not 100%)

Garoppolo to Victor Bolden Jr.

The very next play Garoppolo threw about 15 yards down the left sideline to a well covered Bolden who high pointed the ball and managed to come down with it even though he landed flat on his back after the catch. Ahkello Witherspoon had good coverage on Bolden but the timing and the height of Bolden’s jump was too much. What is important to note is Garoppolo’s ability to bounce back from a bad play and deliver a great one.

C.J. Beathard to George Kittle

Just like old times at Iowa Beathard had Kittle in his sights just over 10 yards down the field. The pass was slightly under thrown and a little behind but Kittle managed to haul it in despite being covered by both D.J. Reed and Dekoda Watson.

Terrell Williams Jr. interception of Nick Mullens

During red zone drills Mullens attempted a pass to Cole Hikutini to the left side of the field near the goal line but Williams jumped the route and intercepted the ball and ran it back past where the team was standing near the 30 yard line.

Beathard to Bolden

This reception was during red zone drills. Beathard threw the ball a yard or so shy of the left pylon and Bolden caught the ball and made a diving effort to reach the ball out enough to cross the line for a touchdown.

Garoppolo to Marquise Goodwin

While this may not be a workable play during full contact drills, it was remarkable at OTAs. Garopplo threaded the needle between Reuben Foster and Adrian Colbert to Goodwin who was running across the middle.

Greg Mabin interception of Garoppolo

This was in the “move the ball” portion of 11-on-11s. Garoppolo attempted to unload the ball 30 yards down the field to the left corner of the endzone, but the ball went right into the hands of Mabin who got in front of Pierre Garcon, the intended receiver.

Garoppolo to Matt Breida

This was the play of the day. Breida ran down the right sideline with enough speed to get just enough separation from Tarvarius Moore Yes, 4.32 Tarvarius Moore. Garoppolo threw the ball up with just the right placement and Breida held onto the ball for a 30 plus yard gain. When asked after practice if this was a normal play called for Breida, Garoppolo replied:

Yeah. I think all of those guys. Any skill guy in our offense really, it sounds crazy, but they’re all a threat deep. We’ve got some fast guys out there. It’s fun to have those guys to be able to throw to.