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49ers coaching staff wearing shirts honoring Dwight Clark

Team plans to do something during the seasons with their gameday jerseys as well to honor the 49ers legend

Dwight Clark passed away Monday and the twitter-sphere has exploded with love and support for the San Francisco 49ers legend. With OTAs taking place the very next day, the current 49ers team showed their support by having the entire staff wearing these:

The shirts were given away and worn on ‘Dwight Clark Day,’ which was on October 22nd and fittingly during a home game against the Dallas Cowboys. All Clark wanted was a chance to reconnect with his teammates and the 49ers, so they did just that. Kyle Shanahan went one step further, wearing a Clark ‘shirsey,’ as Joe Fann calls it.

A lot of people in the comments expressed hope the team would do something to honor Clark’s number, such as put number 87 on the sleeve of their jerseys. John Lynch said on Tuesday that the organization will “a nice way” to pay tribute to Clark on 49ers uniforms.

The “Season of Clark” has begun, and one season still won’t be enough.