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Reuben Foster pleads no contest to misdemeanor gun charge, receives probation

Thus ends the current legal saga of Reuben Foster.

Fooch’s update No. 2: John Lynch released a statement following Foster’s no contest plea.

Fooch’s update: Adam Schefter reporting that Reuben Foster could still face a multi-game suspension.

The current legal troubles for San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster are officially complete. Foster has pled no contest to the misdemeanor gun charge stemming from his February arrest. Foster had a court date on Wednesday, and it resulted in a plea that included a sentence of two years probation, 232 hours of community service, and $235 in fines. He will not be allowed to own guns during the course of his probation.

Probation violations could result in future issues, but for the time being, his legal cases are over. Foster arrested in Alabama this past January, and charged in with marijuana possession. The charge was dismissed after he completed a first time offender diversion course.

In February, he was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence, making criminal threats, and a felony weapons possession charge. The domestic violence and criminal threats charges were later dropped, while the weapons charge was dropped to the misdemeanor for which he pled out on Wednesday. The weapons charge revolved around a weapon Foster had legally purchased in Alabama, but which is illegal in California.

Foster is back at practice, but the NFL is still investigating the situation to determine whether or not he should face a suspension. The marijuana charge could result in a one-game suspension, while the gun charge and dismissed domestic violence charge are a little more difficult to sort out. The NFL does not have the clearest plan for handling domestic violence cases where there is no guilty plea or verdict, and so, we’re left to wait and see.