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Name your all-time favorite 49ers by position

This will be a fun exercise.

On Twitter, I came across some tweets where people were describing their all-time favorite 49ers by position. It was interesting seeing some of the names that popped up because some were just what I didn’t expect and others showed a generation difference between me and others (some were naming people that were a part of the Million Dollar Backfield if I recall).

Anyways, I figured it would be a good thing to bring to Niners Nation, so I ask you: What are your all-time favorite San Francisco 49ers players by position? Since I’m asking the question, I’ll go first.

QB: Joe Montana
RB: Frank Gore
WR: Jerry Rice
TE: Vernon Davis
OL: Jesse Sapolu
DL: Charles Haley
DB: Ronnie Lott
LB: Patrick Willis
ST: Phil Dawson

There’s no science behind this. We’re not looking for who you think was the best at the position, just personal favorites. For instance Montana was the first football player I ever heard of and the reason I became a 49ers fan in Boise, Idaho as a kid. Jesse Sapolu is my favorite because I just liked his name at the time. When I was five I had some sort of interest in his name but not much else.

So who are your favorites by position? I’m sure we’re going to see some generational differences in the comments.