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Golden Nuggets: Time of the Season

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Thursday, June 7th, 2018 edition.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Good morning folks. Usually, I can try to extend a little bit of nothing into a little bit of something. Unfortunately for me, the recent headlines (given, it’s the offseason) aren’t necessarily “recent”, and that which is, is akin to a dead horse beaten to death with a different dead horse.

The team finishes the OTA period today, and will come back together on the 12th-14th for mandatory minicamp.

I’ll shoot y’all straight - there’s not quite enough interesting material to summarize from yesterday. While I’d love to enthrall my dearest readers with silken yarns of 49er-related happenings, there’s just not enough subject matter to muse upon.

Thankfully, the offseason at Niners Nation has, in my experience, been an opportunity for the community to come together. In the stead of anything worthwhile, I’d like to share a bit of myself with y’all, if you’ve got the patience.

Over the past few years, two of my most cherished friends (Chiefs & Saints fans, for whatever it’s worth) have embarked on a monthly society in which we each assign an album for the month - and we reconvene at the end to discuss everything we’ve learned. We talk lyrics, music, band members, what was going on at the time of recording - anything to one-up the knowledge of the next. After a while, we began incorporating a “guest” submission every month, which has added something of a “wild card” element to a small group that has been fighting over “the next song” since we were freshmen in college.

This month, we have a diverse selection. The Zombies - Odessey & Oracle (1968). Maze & Frankie Beverly - Self Titled (1977). Alice in Chains - Jar of Flies (1994). Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Goes Numb (2003).

My apologies for straying from 49ers talk - but, folks, I’ve got the strangest aversion to putting six sentences before your links.

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