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Colin Kaepernick attorney to subpoena Donald Trump in collusion case

I highly doubt they get a chance to depose Trump, but if they do, get your popcorn ready.

Get your popcorn ready. This is unlikely to happen, but we can dream.

Colin Kaepernick’s attorney is in the midst of deposing an assortment of witnesses, and he is expected to try and subpoena Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and “others familiar with the President’s agenda on protesting NFL players,” according to Yahoo! NFL columnist Charles Robinson.

Trump’s name has reportedly come up in various depositions with NFL owners. Some of the comments have leaked since the depositions, and among others, Jerry Jones reportedly said that Trump told him that criticizing protesting players was, “a very winning, strong issue” for Trump.

None of this automatically proves two or more NFL owners (or an NFL owner and the league office) colluded against signing Kaepernick. The owners reportedly discussed Trump’s comments at an owners’ meeting, and that could start to push this a little more in Kaepernick’s favor. The league might at some point look to offer Kaepernick a settlement, but I have a feeling he is not looking for a quick cash pay-out on this issue.

I would be surprised if Trump was ever deposed. The President has a lot of power when it comes to responding to civil and criminal issues. But who knows, maybe his ego gets the best of him and he looks for an opportunity to face off against Kaepernick in a legal setting. I doubt it, but at this point very little would surprise me.