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Caption This: The 49ers boy band

George Kittle enjoys having a good time on social media, and Thursday brought a pretty phenomenal picture on Instagram. Kittle posted this picture featuring him in the back, offensive lineman JP Flynn in front, Jimmy Garoppolo to the left (stage right), and Garrett Celek on the other side.

Kittle has since made his IG account private, but Flynn shared the photo as well. I’m not entirely sure why Flynn is in the picture (Kittle originally tagged him on IG). He is not currently on the 49ers roster as far as I know. He spent the first 10 weeks last season on the practice squad, and then went on the practice squad injured reserve list for the final six weeks. I have not heard an update since, but he appears to be working out at the 49ers facility.

That aside, it’s time to caption the heck out of this photo. It seems like boy band or Marvel super heroes are the two popular ways to go, but I’m open to more. Maybe the next great WWE wrestling stable?