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Report: Richard Sherman ‘would love to have Dez [Bryant]’

Will Blackmon says he spoke to Sherman and the 49ers cornerback wants Dez Bryant.

A couple weeks ago, Dez Bryant commented that he’d love to come to the 49ers and quickly deleted it knowing everyone including myself would write something on it.

Well, it seems like some 49ers players are open to it. Namely Richard Sherman. On NFL Network, Will Blackmon said he spoke to Sherman and said Sherman he, “would love to have Dez.” I’ve included the segment below:

So there you have it, one 49er player is all for having Dez Bryant on the team. If you didn’t watch the video, Sherman also thinks Bryant, “would be good for the locker room.” The 49ers front office however, hasn’t shown any interest yet.

Given all the wide receiver acquisitions, a Dez Bryant signing doesn’t seem to be happening, at least not immediately until after training camp begins. Maybe he provides some help to the veterans, but the 49ers get that with Pierre Garçon and with him that has a better chance to not cause any issues.