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Open thread: Welcome to training camp month!

Welcome to July! And more importantly, welcome to training camp month. We are still a little over three weeks away from camp, but we have at least reached the same month as training camp!

The quietest part of the NFL offseason has been narrowed down to about six weeks from mid-June to late July. There is some quiet time in February, but the NFL offseason is otherwise loaded with events. We get the NFL Combine in late February, free agency in March, the pre-draft process leading up to the late April draft, and then the May and June offseason workout programs. There’s just enough to keep us from getting too bored.

But now, we’re almost through the last dead period before football returns. The San Francisco 49ers kick off training camp on July 25th, a mere 24 days from now!

Since it’s a quiet Sunday, I thought I’d put together an open thread. We had our random Deion Twitter open thread on Friday. Today, we’re back with something a little different. 49ers wide receiver Aldrick Robinson posted video yesterday from a recent workout session. His trainer had him run in what appeared to be a 200 meter race. I’m not entirely sure why he worked him into that, but Robinson posted the video below.

As always, feel free to chat about whatever you want to close out Sunday.