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Kam Chancellor appears to announce his retirement

The Seattle Seahawks have seen significant turnover this offseason, and another big name is departing. Strong safety Kam Chancellor posted a message on Twitter that appears to suggest he is retiring from the NFL. He decided his injuries have reached a point that he is best moving on to the next chapter in his life.

This is a bit surprising, but not shocking. There were some rumblings he might consider retirement, but nothing had been developing on that front. After Chancellor was lost to injury last year, Bradley McDougald took over for him. The Seahawks signed McDougald to a three-year, $13.95 million contract this offseason. It’s not exactly a huge deal, but it’s a commitment to him for at least a year or two.

My first thought after reading Chancellor’s post is that maybe Seattle gives Eric Reid a call. Last year, Reid played a similar role to Chancellor in Robert Saleh’s defense, so the playbook would not be as big a deal to learn. The Seahawks clearly want to give McDougald a chance, but maybe they talk to Reid about coming in. Like I said above, Chancellor’s retirement is a bit of a surprise, but not a shocking development given the injuries. So, maybe the Seahawks already had this situation sorted out.

In the meantime, best of luck to Kam Chancellor in whatever’s next for him!