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Marquise Goodwin’s PFF grade jumped in 2017

A 51.6 to an 80 ranking. That’s pretty darn good.

When Pierre Garçon went down against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017, many thought the wide receiving group as a whole would take a huge hit. Instead, Marquise Goodwin stepped up and could have nailed a 1,000 yard-season if not for dirty play in the season finale.

This was a bit unlike the Marquise Goodwin many expect. Pro Football Focus had him listed at a 51.6 rating going into 2017 and after that season’s performance?

That’s quite a climb.

When in Buffalo, Goodwin’s best season got him 431 yards (2016) (per Pro Football Reference). There was also a number of passes I believe he simply dropped throughout the season as well. Before that season, Goodwin struggled to stay healthy, playing 12 games as a rookie, 10 in year two, and two in yea three.

Still, Goodwin also had his share of drops and some wondered if he was a bit of an underachiever. I don’t know what Kyle Shanahan said to him or made him eat/drink, but Goodwin had himself a heck of a season in 2017. Drops were an issue at times, but he seemed to grow more comfortable as the season progressed. As the season wore on, teams were beginning to game plan around Goodwin, but he still could make some nice plays and before he even signed his extension I suggested the 49ers lock him up.

Now, with Garçon coming back, I’m curious how the 49ers game plans are going to be with both of them running around. Goodwin’s rise as a wide receiver and the play of rookies Kendrick Bourne and Trent Taylor have made for a very underrated wide receiver corps.