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Jimmy Garoppolo’s Madden rating remains 83

Looks like we’ll have to wait a couple games for a patch to fix this.

A few weeks back, Fooch got a glimpse of some Madden 19 ratings thanks to some leakage and some video. What we found was something head scratching, Jimmy Garoppolo had an 83 rating. It’s not so much the rating but just who was ranked ahead of him and in the same category.

NFL Update has been posting a lot of Madden ratings over the the last couple of days and quarterback ratings were up there. It looks like Garoppolo’s rating has not improved, or regressed. It’s stayed exactly at 83. This can only mean one thing: Someone hasn’t properly bug tested the game and fixed this nasty glitch to get Garoppolo to the proper 101 rating.

NFL Update is usually pretty spot on with ratings, and they are saying this is official, so it looks like Garoppolo is going to be stuck with an 83 rating until after he lights up the field and a patch is forced to fix this nasty bug in the game’s code.

None of this would really bother me if it wasn’t for the fact that others on the list seem to be ridiculously ranked. Russell Wilson is a great quarterback, but I don’t see how he’s better than Drew Brees. I also don’t see how Cam Newton is ranked past Phillip Rivers. I guess in the world of Madden ratings nothing can be agreed upon, but it seems odd.