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Pierre Garçon gives skydiving a try

The San Francisco 49ers have two weeks left before training camp starts, and players have one last chance to enjoy themselves before they go back to work. Plenty are doing last minute training, but they are also enjoying some vacations and various thrills.

Wide receiver Pierre Garçon recently decided to head down to Santa Cruz to give skydiving a try. For those who hate waiting for the end result, rest assured, his parachute opened and he landed safely. Garçon got several pictures from when he first got on the plane to when he jumped out, to when he landed. If you check out his Instagram post below, you can click through the pictures.

Have any of y’all gone skydiving? My brother and I did it for his birthday one year. Later that year, we went bungee jumping for my birthday. I’d say bungee jumping was more of a thrill in some ways because you actually feel the fall sensation a little more forcefully. With skydiving, the wind rushing up against you prevents the same falling sensation. It was still a lot of fun, particularly given how much you could see below and into the distance. But, bungee jumping was scarier and more of an adrenaline rush.