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Joe Staley, Richard Sherman, Adrian Colbert top the 49ers trash-talking list

49ers players have a clear idea of who talks the most trash on the team.

During the offseason workout program, the San Francisco 49ers media team had a chance to chat with players on a variety of topics. Earlier this month, we saw the discussion about who has the best hair on the team. On Tuesday, we found out which players are viewed as the biggest trash talkers. You can watch the video below, or click here.

It is not surprising that cornerback Richard Sherman gets a few mentions. I am also not surprised that second-year safety Adrian Colbert is mentioned by a few people. His big hits and excitement on the field suggests someone who likes to talk a lot.

The third player mentioned a decent amount is left tackle Joe Staley. And it leads to my favorite part of this video. At one point, Staley is talking some smack about studying film, but it’s for a field goal attempt! I am down with being proud of his preparation, but something about talking smack while lining up to block on a field goal attempt cracks me up.