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Golden Nuggets: Joshua Garnett is going to dominate

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday July 13, 2018

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

In my most recent 90 man roster projection, I listed Joshua Garnett as the 26th most important 49er. I may have been wrong. No one has worked harder than Garnett over the last year and he has had to do most of his work on the sidelines. Now he has to worry about Jonathan Cooper beating him out for the right guard position. I am betting it doesn’t happen. I am betting a guy that worked as hard as he has to lose weight and transform his body the way he has is going to be coming into camp with a giant chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove.

I am betting it raises his game to levels most of us did not think were possible. The chubby slow guy is going to be showing off a new athleticism no one thought he had. If he and Mike McGlinchey gel like I think they will, the right side of our offensive line will become the biggest and best surprise of 2018. I have never mentioned the idea of making the playoffs this year but, if Garnett and McGlinchey become a dominating force, I am positive we will make the playoffs.

Speaking of McGlinchey, I was completely shocked when we drafted him. In every one of my pre draft scenarios, I had us trading down and getting a right tackle that would be a project in either the late first round or the second. All I could think of when I heard McGlinchey’s name called was, “why didn’t I think of that?” Why get a project when we can have the real deal?

I don’t think there will even be a question about how good Jerrick McKinnon will be as our lead running back if Garnett and McGlinchey can dominate. If they can get Joe Williams outside a couple of times, I think it could be the catalyst that launches his career as well. With Jimmy Garoppolo having time to plant his feet, he may even be able to hit Goodwin with his long passes. Imagine that!

Who knows? It could happen.

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