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Who is your favorite random 49er?

It can be past or present.

49ers v Buccaneers Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images

We are entering the penultimate weekend without football. Sure, the 49ers do not play a preseason game for nearly a month, but in two weeks, training camp will be underway and we’ll have some semblance of football to distract us!

In the meantime, I had a random query that some of the SB Nation NFL sites have been throwing out there.

I don’t think anybody has “no” reason for liking a given player. But I look at this more like, who are your favorite random 49ers. Everyone loves Frank Gore or Jerry Rice or Roger Craig or whomever, but let’s get into the random 49ers players. You likely have some reason for it, but they’re plenty random.

The first player who always pops into my mind when we’re talking about random players is Tai Streets. The 49ers spent a sixth round pick on Streets back in 1999. He was coming off a solid 60 catch, 906 yards, 11 touchdown season, but shortly before the draft he tore his Achilles in a basketball game. He slipped down the draft board to a 49ers team that had Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, and J.J. Stokes on the depth chart. Not too bad. He had some solid seasons over the course of a six-year career, and while he never reached the kind of potential I hoped for, he’s a 49er I’ve always managed to remember over the years.

Who are your favorite random 49ers?